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1 Mar

Noongar Language and Culture

This course provides an introduction to Noongar culture and language. Learners will be taken on a journey through Noongar boodja (Noongar country). They'll join Noongar guides as they share knowledge and personal experiences of history, land,and culture. Learners will be introduced to conversational Noongar - learning words and phrases that can be used in simple dialogue. Session 1 - Oct 31-Nov 21 2021 Session 2 starts March 1 2022

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30 Jun

Digital inclusion in Western Australia

The Blueprint for Digital Inclusion in WA is aimed at empowering people and communities to engage with the internet and technology in the way they choose. The Blueprint will outline the WA Government’s approach and outline some key initiatives to make WA a digitally inclusive State. Please "click for more" to access the key findings summary of the feedback received on the draft Blueprint for Digital Inclusion in WA.

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