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26 Oct

PTCWA Showcase Launch build up continues

PTCWA has received Showcase presentations or 150-word scripts from TEN Associations: Thanks goes to: AASE, ASME, CLTAWA, ECAWA, GAWA, HEIAWA, TAGWA, WAATA, WAEIR & WAMGLTA. Members with a ready-to-go presentation will be included on the 31/10 Launch date. Others will be added as they are submitted/approved up to and on the Celebration event on 18th November 2020. This website will soon have new functionality on the Members page: will your Showcase be there?

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31 Oct

PTCWA Awards replaced with Showcase Launch

PTCWA’s Outstanding Professional Service Awards in this COVID-19 disrupted year, are being replaced with an initiative to showcase each Member Association. See Newsletter 4 – 2020 for more information: MEMBERS menu above, then choose the NEWSLETTERS tab

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18 Nov

PTCWA Showcase Celebration Night

State Library Theatre = Venue Confirmed. To present all the member's visual presentations combined with a collegial celebration networking event: with the capacity to in/decrease as per COVID-19 restrictions at that date.

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