Professional Education Associations

The primary purpose of the Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia is to promote professionalism in teaching. This is achieved through PTCWA’s commitment to support the work of autonomous professional education associations.

Associations with membership to PTCWA have the opportunity to be covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

Professional associations assist educators to keep abreast of new developments and research; and to improve teaching and learning experiences for their students through constant reflection on their practice.

Associations operate largely on a voluntary basis, fuelled by the enthusiasm of their members.

Income generated from membership subscriptions, publications and workshop fees is channelled back into the association to provide more services for members. These services include professional development workshops and conferences, publications, advocacy and networking support services.

Some larger associations may support paid administrative officers, other smaller associations are run entirely by volunteers. All associations, however, exist as a result of the commitment to ongoing education, and excellence in teaching, exhibited by their committee members.


Professional Teaching Associations in Western Australia include:

AAEEWAAustralian Association for Environmental Education
AAREAustralian Association for Religious Education
AASEWAAustralian Association of Special Education Inc (WA Chapter
ABODA Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association (WA)
ACEAustralian College of Educators
ACELAustralian Council for Educational Leaders
ACHPERAustralian Council for Health , Physical Education and Recreation
AISWA (Libraries)Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia (Libraries)
ALEAAustralian Literacy Educators’ Association (WA Chapter)
APISAssociation for Philosophy in Schools
ArtEdArt Education Association of Western Australia
ASME WAAustralian Society for Music Education (WA Chapter)
BEWABusiness Educators of Western Australia (Inc)
Career Education Association of Western Australia (Inc)
CLTA WAChinese Language Teachers’ Association of Western Australia
DATTADesign and Technology Teachers’ Assocation of Western Australia (Inc)
DSFDyslexia Speld Foundation
ECA Early Childhood Association (WA Branch)
ECAWAEducational Computing Association of Western Australia
ETAWAEconomics Teachers’ Association of Western Australia
ETAWA (eng)English Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (Inc)
EYESEarly Years in Education Society
GAWAGeographical Assocation of Western Australia
HEIAWAHome Economics Institute of Australia (WA Division)
HTAWA History Teachers’ Association of Western Australia
ISCAIndependent Schools’ Counsellors’ Association
JLTAWAJapanese Language Teachers’ Association of Western Australia
L3CTA Level 3 Classroom Teacher Association
MAWAMathmatical Association of Western Australia (Inc)
MLTAWAModern Language Teachers Association of Western Australia
MTAWAMontessori Teachers’ Association of Western Australia
MYCFMeerilinga Young Children’s Foundation (Inc)
OWC One World Centre
PLEAWA Political and Legal Educators’ Association of Western Australia
Schools Development Group
SPERA – Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia (Inc)
STAWA – Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia
TAGWA – Teachers Association for German
TOFA (WA) – Teachers of French Association of Western Australia (Inc)
WAATA – West Australian Association of Teacher Assistants (Inc)
WAATI – Western Australian Association Teachers’ of Italian
WADHSAA – Western Australian District High School Administrators Association
WAESPAA – WA Education Support Principals and Administrators Assocation (Inc)
WAIER – Western Australian Institute for Educational Research (Inc)
WAMGLTA – West Australian Modern Greek Language Teachers’ Association Ltd
WAPPA – Western Australian Primary Principals Association
WASLA – Western Australian School Library Association
WASSEA – Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association
WASTAA – Western Australian Secondary Teaching Administrators Association
WATESOL – Western Australian Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
WILTA – Westralian Indonesian Language Teachers’ Association

To join PTCWA or update your association details contact Barb Lippiatt at [email protected] or call 0400 238 174.